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Kempsey veteran eyes long term benefits of FertAg 0-8-0

March 2017

VETERAN farmer Peter Smith knows his soils and fertilsers, and believes FertAg 0-8-0 is doing his crops and stock the world of good.
“I have farmed 12 properties over 50 years, with the biggest being 35,000 acres near Brewarrina so I know what is going on in soils,” Mr Smith said.
“FertAg 0-8-0 is improving the stock. If you improve the land it will improve the stock, so I put on 1 tonne and I gather I don’t have to touch the soil for three years.
“So far the stock are looking good. The grass looks like a lawn, so lush. The lambs are eating the clover they once avoided.
“Problem here is, superphosphate does nothing. I just got negative results. Chemical infused fertilisers are boosters, but don’t solve your long-term problems. FertAg is providing good results and it is cheaper than what we traditionally have used.”
Peter went to Vietnam to look at what was produced, and finds that with FertAg the leaching is almost near zero, so you need it in a heavy rainfall area.
“I have been involved in soil management and improvement all my life. I have found that you can destroy it or rejuvenate it.
“I was brought up in a time when you ploughed the crap out of soil with a disc plough, like a coke addict, and disc ploughs were destructive of the soil structure.
Peter now farms a smaller property near Kempsey, NSW, a mere 25 acres, being a little kinder on his toughened years.
He still has his soil demons, in a high acid crop country, and with a tendency to be aluminum and iron toxic.

“I used to buy run down old farms and operate on a five-year cycle. You reinvest the earnings into the property over the first 3 years and go for improvement in productivity in the final two.
“So, what I have initially found with FertAg 0-8-0 is the slow release of rock phosphate that gives better results in the long run, than chemical-based fertilisers.
“I’ve got a way to go with this product but so far I can say FertAg is far different in function than any other product in the market, in a beneficial way.
“It is cost effective, in the way it changes the soil from moisture repellant to moisture attractive.
Fertoz Agriculture’s Dr Les Szonyi, says the product is a fused calcium, magnesium, silicate, phosphate fertilizer that can re-mineralize soils and bring back soil health and balance.
“The product isn’t water soluble so it stays where it is spread; it doesn’t leach away with rain, nor get locked up like conventional fertilizers,” Dr Szonyi said.
“Acid soils, low CEC, high soil aluminum and iron and significant leaching potential from high rainfall present particular problems in the coastal growing regions of Northern NSW.
“In acidic soils it mineralizes and digests soil acid providing plant available nutrients as well as silicon to sweeten the pasture while providing a liming action with high calcium and magnesium oxides and silicates.”

For more information contact Les Szonyi (0418 158185)