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FertAg 0-8-0 helps NSW banana growers improve their crops
NSW banana growers Zac and Ethan McKeever have discovered how FertAg 0-8-0 is helping their stools to grow bigger and stronger.
FertAg 0-8-0 is a fused calcium magnesium silicate phosphate (known as FMP) soil amendment / fertilizer.

According to soil scientist, Andrew Kennett: “In bananas you should get more fingers (6 to10 bananas) per hand and more hands per bunch, to give a greater overall weight. They also should be sweeter and have better shelf life as long as storage conditions are not adverse. Banana plant leaves should not 'tear' as easily and the plants should look healthier being less susceptible to disease with less hollow stems - therefore less likely to lodge (fall over in wind ).”

Grower Zac McKeever said they applied 100 grams of FertAg 0-8-0 to just one banana stool.
“It gave better results and the plant was higher and stronger than other plants. It made a hell of a difference,” Zac said.
“We have put on a ton and so far the growth has been very good, so we will be buying another ton. It certainly helped to clear up a calcium deficiency in the stools,” he said.

The brothers farm about 7 hectares at Murwillumbah in North Eastern NSW near the Queensland border, spread over two farms and involving about 4,500 banana stools (plants).
“We are adding FertAg 0-8-0 and some dolomite and it is certainly making a difference. We will expand by another 5 hectares. The stools grow to about 6 or 7 metres when you include the leaves,” Zac said. “The dolomite is a quick fix but the good thing about FertAg is it is a slow release fertilizer which makes the benefits longer lasting.

“In the past we have always used a mix of commercial fertilizers and chook manure. The last time we had an agronomist test our soil it had a phosphorous level of just 2 parts per million, when it is supposed to be 50 to 70 parts per million

“FertAg appears to be making a difference. We are putting about 150 grams of FertAg 0-8-0 per stool. We have put on a ton and will put the next ton on next week.
“We will do another soil test in September and I’m sure the phosphorous level will be better. We need calcium for strength and phosphorous for root growth and so far FertAg appears to be helping that. “The stools are getting progressively bigger, and we are pleased.”

FertAg 0-8-0 is made from naturally occurring minerals not chemically treated. It works with the natural soil chemistry to digest soil acid as well as providing minerals in a plant available form.
It is high in plant available calcium (24%), magnesium (10%) silicon (11%) and phosphorus (8%) and also acts as an alternative to lime.
FertAg provides soil amendment and fertilizer together in one application to acid soils. It assists in increasing ph to a sustainable level whilst providing useful amounts of macro elements Ca, Mg, Si and P as well as a range of micro nutrients.
It is not water-soluble; therefore does not leach or wash away.

More information –  Les Szonyi on 0418 158 185