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FertAg a red hot favourite with Southern Queensland tomatoes

Queensland Sales Agronomist, Roly Scopelliti knows his soil and fertilisers and reckons FertAg 0-8-0 is one of the best of the crop. Roly is employed by E. E. Muir and Son in the Granite belt near the Queensland border with NSW, who have been distributors of FertAg for several years now, so he ought to know.

“We sell a significant quantity of FertAg each year and I have to say, sales have increased in the past three to four years,” Roly said.
“The combination of high levels of Calcium and Silica, seem to be the main reason that FertAg 0-8-0 works so well in our soils.
“The tomato crop takes up about 600 to 700 acres, and we do get a significantly better yield using FertAg,” he said, “Combined with a complete program of compound fertilisers as a base”“It boils down to the availability of Calcium which provides tomatoes with a better firmness and longer shelf life. As a fertiliser, FertAg is easily one of the best, for the applications I have used it in” he said.

“The Silica seems to work with the Calcium. The uptake is very important for tomatoes because it helps prevent a disorder called “Blossom End Rot”.

Roly is based in South Queensland at a place called Stanthorpe, about 15 kilometers from the NSW border.
E.E Muir & Sons ship FertAg out of Brisbane, providing FertAg 0-8-0 for about 4,000 acres of various vegetables production.
The company employs almost 300 staff Australia wide, with seven stores in Queensland and five staff at the Stanthorpe store. “I have been selling FertAg for several years now, and E.E Muir & Sons have been agents for Fertoz since 2014,” he said.

Roly says FertAg provides for much better water retention in the soil, compared to other similar products as well.
“Before we use FertAg 0-8-0, we do a soil test and follow up after application and found it to give excellent results,” he said.
“We spread about 400 kg per hectare for tomatoes, capsicum and strawberry runners.
“The long non leaching life of FertAg 0-8-0 in the soil is ideal for strawberry runners because the strawberries are in the ground for nine months.
“We always use a compound fertiliser from the Campbells Fertilisers range, a program with FertAg 0-8-0, and the results are very good on capsicum and strawberry runners,” Roly said.

For further information contact Les Szonyi on 0418 158 185.